Thanks For 3 Great Years :)

After three years I've decided to close down PlaylistLove. It started as a
project in music discovery and turned into a fun tool used by a few hundred
people to share song recomendations.

I couldn't be happier with how it was used but I could sadly no longer
continue to support the site. Further down the page are screenshots of
the app for posterity as well as a way to download the
application code and a full anonymized dataset of
the song recommendations, playlists, and user activity.
Please don't hesitate to email me for any reason at all.

Download Dataset & Codebase

A final snapshot of the database including all users' song recommendations, playlists, and score calculations was prepared and cleansed. If you would like a copy of this database, please email me.

The codebase is in the process of being cleansed and will soon be available on Github free for use, licensed under the GPLv3. Please check back later for the URL.

Screens of the App

List of Favorite Songs
Your 'Love', songs recs of yours that people favorited
List of songs in a user's playlist
Search page for recommending songs
Gamification and scoring page

So what was this really?

PlaylistLove worked like this:

  1. You recommend one song per week.
  2. We match you with 10 people who like the same music (it changes every week to keep things fresh).
  3. Each week you receive a playlist of those 10 people's songs playable right from your email. Anyone you were matched to gets your song in their playlist.